Restoran, Vinarija,

Konoba “Crmnicki Vinotok”, je locirana u srcu nacionalnog parka Skadarsko jezero, tačnije u Virpazaru kod stare pijace.

Uz gostoljubive domaćine, možete uživati u prirodnom hladu, najboljim ribljim specijalitetima iz Skadarskog jezera kao što su krap (prženi ili dimljeno marinirani u ulju), pastrmka, jegulja (pržena ili pečena u riži sa šljivama), ukljeva (svježa i dimljena), riblja čorba, i ostala  jela.

Pored jezerskih specijaliteta, konoba u ponudi izdvaja i morske specijalitete svih kategorija.

Pored restoranske usluge, takodje izdvajamo i vinariju u istom objektu 3 m ispod zemlje sa više od 150 različitih proizvodjača vina. U vinoteci je takodje moguće organizovati ručak i večeru do 15 osoba.

Kapacitet restorana: 

  • Kapacitet glavne terase 140 mjesta.
  • Kapacitet terase „Retro Vir“ 20 mjesta.
  • Kapacitet vinarije 15 mjesta.
  • Kapacitet pansion sale 40 mjesta.

Konoba – Vinoteka „CRMNIČKI VINOTOK“

Raspolaže sa velikim kapacitetom mjesta, u mogucnosti smo sledece:

  • Parovi u odvojenom dijelu restorana.
  • Male i velike grupe.
  • Sve vrste proslava.
  • Romanticne vecere.
  • Degustacije vina.
  • Muzicki repertoar.

I ostale vrste usluga shodno vašim željama.

A tu je i nasa turisticka ponuda  krstarenja Skadarskim jezerom.

Za sve goste koji dođu u naš restoran i prijave se da su vidjeli oglas na sajtu imaju popust od 10%


Od 01. Aprila – 30. Oktobra od 08:00 – 23:00 časova.



PLAĆANJE: SVE VRSTE. (Gotovina, bankovno i kartično).

Adresa:   81305 Virpazar, Nacionalni park Skadarsko jezero, Crna Gora

Mob tel: +382 68 588 518 Viber Informacije 24 sata.

                +382 69 463 943

Tel kancelarija: 00382 20 711 072

E-mail: [email protected]

Web site: www.skadarlaketrips.me



5 reviews

  1. Terrible! Unfriendly staff! Bad service!

    Terrible restaurant. Waited with 3 kids for almost 30 minutes. No waiter. No service. No nothing. Ended up leaving!

  2. Terrible

    Terrible! The service is the worst in montenegro, waiter very rude.
    They looks like that it’s a winery, but their don t have the wine that they anounced, their serve you a worst wine and more expensive that the anounce. It’ s a scam for tourist.

  3. Engaño terrible

    A primera vista parece agradable, vinoteca con precios razonables, pero una vez te sientas empiezas a sentir que algo no va bien, tardan 20 min en tomar nota, el camarero te dice que no tienen ningún vino de la carta (mas de 10 entre blancos y negros entre10-13€ botella) y te ofrece un blanco exquisito a 15€ . Lo vemos rellenar una jarra con vino blanco de tetabrick. Lo probamos y obviamente esta asqueroso para el precio que tiene. Nos trae una botella de vino negro (ni con gaseosa se arregla el mal gusto) para llamarse vinoteca ni puta idea de vino

  4. Paid for a plate i couldn’t eat (wasps)

    I tried to eat on that restaurant, i ordered fish but as soon as i was served there were 4 wasps around my plate. It was impossible to eat. I asked the staff if they could help but they said there was nothing to be done and did not try to help me in any way. I couldn’t take the fish to go as there was much fishbones. I asked for any sandwich and said i would pay the price of my original order. They made me pay for both plates even though i couldn’t take one bite at the fish. I really pissed at how not willing to help they were! Would not recommand!


    Dear visitors,
    We are really surprised by your comments.
    We want to talk to everyone in public.
    We want to mention the following:

    1. If you are dissatisfied with the service, food or drink? You need to report it right at the beginning. In that case, you are not obliged to pay for your order. If you have already eaten everything you ordered, and later express dissatisfaction, then we are not able to cancel your bill.
    Montenegro has many food specialties, many of which have special traditional tastes. Everything is listed in the menu. Just need to read. It is also written in 5 languages. Simply ask the manager and explain the situation. It’s easiest to write bad comments without even trying to talk to a restaurant manager before.

    2. Dissatisfaction with wines?

    I must emphasize that this is a winery of local wines, not Montenegrin wines of all others. Montenegro has many wine brands, but we only serve local, and we don’t have many. There are bottled wines, bigger and smaller, and there are also wines by the glass. Guests who want to pass cheaper order wine in a glass, and wines served in glasses are kept in wooden barrels. You need to know that every package of wine or anything else costs money, and that of course there is a difference in price and quality. And if you expected a great wine for 1.20 euros for 1dl, you can’t get it anywhere or you don’t understand wines.

    3. REVIEW for WASPS?

    Dear visitors, you must understand that you are in a national park, on an open terrace that can accommodate 150 people. And of course in July and August, when the very hot outside, wasps are dominant in sweets and food. If you are afraid of wasps or you are allergic to them, then it is better to look for an indoor seating area. We really can’t do anything about wasps. It is the power of nature.

    4. You mentioned poor waiter service?

    We must mention that it is really difficult to find excellent and responsible workers, with knowledge of several languages. Also, our employees are not able due to the number of guests on the terrace “Talk too much” with all guests. We do our best to meet everyone as much as we can and serve in the best possible way.


    With each dish written in the menu, it is stated that it is with the side dish. Potato salad goes with the fish. French fries are served with the meat. Of course you have the option to choose another side dish, which is also listed in the menu, such as: Rice, vegetables, and more. This does not mean, as you stated, that you only got french fries, but that you can choose ONE of many. So you can replace the existing one with some other side dish, but not to get all of the ones listed.


    Food is prepared immediately upon receipt of the order. Everything that is prepared must be prepared directly. We are not fast food to have fish fried or meat fried, but all fresh food is prepared immediately and everything takes some time. You need to know if you see a bigger crowd, that you will wait longer that is for sure. Waiters always note the waiting time, it is up to you to decide whether to wait or not. Someone stated in the comment that they waited too long and it was not crowded. Every day there are at least 40 people in the restaurant who eat every minute, if it’s not crowded for the kitchen then I don’t know what else to say. Simply in all traditional restaurants where food is prepared directly, you have to wait. If you are late for a boat, bus or train, we advise you to ask the waiter before ordering how much food is waiting.

    7. What about satisfied guests?

    The problem of social networks and websites is precisely this when comments are left only by “Dissatisfied guests”, and satisfied people do not think about finding a restaurant on the Internet and leaving a satisfactory comment. Because we are 100% sure if all the satisfied guests would start leaving their comments then the rating ratio would be different, but unfortunately only those who are very revolted leave here.


    Do not rush to ask the restaurant manager if you are dissatisfied. At the very beginning of the meal, if you are dissatisfied, report it to the waiter and you are not obliged to pay anything. But if you have eaten everything before, and then you have reported in that case the remark is not

    Thank you for visiting and for understanding.
    Restaurant management.

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